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Andrea Soldani.

Born in 1967, keyboardist (organ diploma – 1985).
The first album “Landing on the New Age”  was  released in 1997. Atmospheres and wide compositions  by Derivando  and produced by Garbo.

Working with  Garbo was the  beginning of a strong collaboration in some of his records as musician, author and producer.
• Up the Line (1997)
• Grandi Giorni (1998)
• Blu (2002)
• Giallo Elettrico (2005)
• Come il vetro ( 2008 )

Derivando also published two remakes of historical songs:
• Computer Love  (Kraftwerk) included in the compilation “2000 e Oltre”  (Isthar Ed. 1999)
• Tainted Love  (Ed Cobb) and Soft Cell’s hit in 1981 published by Virgin Music (2002).

The most recent Derivando’s work “Looking for a star” composed by Derivando and produced by Derivando and Garbo.

Derivando collaborates with some of the most interesting italian groups (Deasonika, Nina Ricci, Macno, Nicodemo),  with Cuca Moreno (aka Ada Quimica) continuing his collaboration with Ovophonic (Mendrisio) and beginning to produce new  songs with Elettra.  Derivando is  selected with Elettra for the "Meitech 2009".

Between 2010 and 2011 Derivando composes and produces  for  Ottonote music label the "Vortex" project. Currently working on the production of new songs.

For the
"Bowie Bash 2016" Derivando is selected as one of the 3 finalists  with a creative version of "A small plot of land" from the Bowie's concept album "Outside" .


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